Wednesday, July 20, 2011

And the winner is..... (insert drumroll here)

Congratulations #19!  Please send me a Forum PM from your SparkID so that I can properly award the prize.  If you do not want the 1 Day 100% EXP Boost, feel free to select something else from the Fiesta Store of equal or lesser value.

Thanks everyone for playing, look for Round 3 shortly!  Anyone have any ideas for something different?

Okay, Round 2 Over, drawing to be held shortly!

(( just a picture, not part of any contest ))
Congratulations everyone for enduring another two week cycle of Where's Fatal!  We went all over Isya didn't we?  I will be completing the drawing later on today, but wanted to at least announce the final point standings with the completion of yesterday's puzzle.

Yesterday's answer was Sea of Greed!  The screenshot was taken near the bridge that connects the Roumen-side Island with the Elderine-side.  There's a bunch of those massive fishy-dino skeletons along the shore there.  Congratulations to:  Jayumainior (5pts), Lukasz_Lucky (2pts), and berrybomb (1pt)!

Here are the final standings:

1. berrybomb, Jayumainior - 31pts
3. Superman1779 - 15pts
4. Imlovinhit,  leonkennedyrulezz, Lukasz_Lucky - 6pts
7. Avalyk  - 5pts
8. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts

The "lucky number" drawing entries will go in order from first place to the last player with points:

berrybomb #1-31
Jayumainior #32-62
Superman1779 #63-77
Imlovinhit #78-85
leonkennedyrulezz #86-91
Lukasz_Lucky #92-97
Avalyk #98-102
cerberus_oblivion #103-104

I will be using 's random number generator to select the winner.  I will post the screenshot of that number.  The winner will receive a 1-Day 100% EXP Boost Card or any other prize of their choice of equal or lesser value.  Keep your fingers crossed!

I'll update you guys in a bit. Thanks for playing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

WF: July 19, 2011

Today's the last day for the competition!  Winner will be drawn tomorrow so this is it!  Last chance to earn entries into the drawing!

So where am I today?  And wut?  I'm a ... a dude?!  What the heck?  I must be on some dinosaur kick since there's more of them again today....

Nice job again yesterday correctly guessing Burning Hill!  I thought I was sneakier... hmmm... that screenie was taken in that reddish kool-aid colored water, had to angle the camera so as not to see that water... would've been a dead giveaway otherwise!  Congrats to the fastest entries:  Lukasz_Lucky (5pts), Superman1779 (2pts) and berrybomb (1pt)!

1. berrybomb - 30pts 
2. Jayumainior - 26pts
3. Superman1779 - 15pts
4. Imlovinhit,  leonkennedyrulezz - 6pts
6. Avalyk, Lukasz_Lucky - 5pts
8. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts

Monday, July 18, 2011

WF: July 18, 2011

Yabba-dabba-doo!  Okay this is "Where's Fatal", not "When's Fatal?"  What the heck is this dinosaur skull doing here... well then again, there's some dinosaurs in Burning Rock too... hmm.  Isya sure has some weird stuff... Wish I could mount this skull on my Estate wall... Anyway, where the heck am I today?

Great job yesterday guys, more of you got it than I thought would.  The correct answer was Concealed Prison 2.  This area is the center courtyard area where the Giant Stonie and all those Nox Hunters spawn, not to mention that ugly blue chicken!  The quickest to answer yesterday were:  berrybomb (5pts), leonkennedyrulezz (2pts), and Superman1779 (1pt)

1. berrybomb - 29pts 
2. Jayumainior - 26pts
3. Superman1779 - 13pts
4. Imlovinhit - 6pts
5. Avalyk - 5pts
6. leonkennedyrulezz, - 6pts
7. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts

WF: July 17, 2011

Heh... well technically it's still Sunday where I live!  It's about 10pm here!  Anyway, here's a late night edition of Where's Fatal for Sunday, yes SUNDAY.  Don't give me that look!  This is an old screenie, but I figured I'd zombify it for today and use it again (was never used in these events, just for some other stuff).  So can you guess where this is?  Might be a bit tricky if you don't pay attention to this map in general.  *wink* So where is that irritated looking Warlock?

Tossed you guys a bone on Saturday with another easy one, you all went 7 for 7, correctly answering Forest of Mist!  Quickest on the draw were:  berrybomb (5pts), Superman1779 (2pts), and Jayumainior (1pt).  Don't give up though guys, remember each point gives you an additional entry!  The more points you get the better your chances of winning!

1. Jayumainior - 26pts
2. berrybomb - 24pts
3. Superman1779 - 12pts
4. Imlovinhit - 6pts
5. Avalyk - 5pts
6. leonkennedyrulezz, - 4pts
7. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts

Saturday, July 16, 2011

WF: July 16, 2011

Yes! It's Saturday! I hope everyone's weekend has started off on the right track!  For me, weekends are a time to kick back and rest, recharge for the coming week.  Those of you that know me in-game know that I don't play much on the weekends, and that's kind of why.  I just spend time away from the game with friends and family or quiet time to myself... that sense of relaxation is the theme of today's screenshot.  So can you tell me where I'm getting some much needed rest and relaxation?

The answer to yesterday's screenshot was "Tear's Marsh".  Most of you that answered got it correct!  But who was quick on the draw?  Jayumainior (5pts), Superman1779 (2pts), and berrybomb (1pt).  Great job!

1. Jayumainior - 25pts
2. berrybomb - 19pts
3. Superman1779 - 10pts
4. Imlovinhit - 6pts
5. Avalyk - 5pts
6. leonkennedyrulezz, - 4pts
7. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts

Friday, July 15, 2011

WF: July 15, 2011

It's Fridayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!  Geez what a week, glad it's over!  Anyway, here's today's screenshot for your examination... a dark foreboding sky, a dangerous woman with an axe.. and a backwards raccoon tail? What the heck?  (minipets aren't the most photogenic afterall, guess he was just being shy) So where might I be today?  Someone needs to cut these weeds!

For Thursday, it was really tricky.  All but one of you answered "Sea of Greed" (the other answered Mara KQ which was incorrect) which, by the Pirate Flag in the background made sense, but this was actually taken on Sand Beach, around that cove area where the pirates are.  Being that just about everyone answered SOG, I decided to go take a look, if I could closely replicate the screenshot, I'd award the points anyway.  After about 15 minutes of searching, and killing a Mara and King Boogy, I found a suitable location and took this screenie:

Sea of Greed replication - this is NOT today's contest.
That's a pretty close replication of the original, so yeah, I will accept Sea of Greed.  The sky is a little different, but I'm not going to wait around for that to change.  Usually, I'll try to have something in the screenshot that will give you a better idea of where it was taken if it happens to be a toss up.  So who were the winners?  Jayumainior (5pts), berrybomb (2pts), and Avalyk (1pt).  I had a correct entry from "Rex" but he didn't leave a SparkID unfortunately.. I looked up "Rex" as a SparkID, and it came back positive, but there are no characters associated with that ID.  Sorry Rex!

1. Jayumainior - 20pts
2. berrybomb - 18pts
3. Superman1779 - 8pts
4. Imlovinhit - 6pts
5. Avalyk - 5pts
6. leonkennedyrulezz, - 4pts
7. cerberus_oblivion - 2pts